Santi Lorente is a Navarrese from La Ribera of whom we’re especially fond.  We met him through his blog, because we discovered a project of his, guided tours of Tudela, called Tudela me pone (Tudela Turns Me On).  It’s a very interesting project that takes on a wonderful historical tour of this southern Navarrese city with a very fresh perspective.

We liked it so much we even dedicated one of our “Viewpoints” entries to that part of the country.  There we met him and, really, “to know him is to love him”.  That visit turned into not just one but two entries, one to Tudela itself, and the other to the Bardenas.

Since our visit in 2017, this Basque’s ability to promote projects in La Ribera has never ceased to amaze us.  And as can be seen on his website, he offers a fabulous range of routes to learn and enjoy.  And they always end in a pintxo.

The other day, we discovered that during this lockdown we’re having to live through, he dedicated himself to another passion of his: telling stories.  It turns out he’s not just a fascinating person to talk with in person, he’s also an amazing storyteller.  His stories combine picaresque, a sense of humor, a love of Navarre and its defense, the recovery of historical events, imagination, and the importance of facts in day-to-day life.

He’s been writing a story per day, and it seems he’s willing to follow through on this until this all blows over.  We loved them so much we asked him for permission to share them on the blog, so that they can become a part of that group of articles that seeks to bring the history, and the stories, of the Basques closer.

His stories mix reality and imagination, and also imagination with intuition.  When we read them, we remembered that “magical realism” that some Latin American litterati offered us, where what we’re given as obvious and fiction itself are mixed so deeply that it’s difficult to distinguish them, and that gives us a fresh outtake.  Perhaps because truth can be stranger than fiction, these fictions become more “real”.

We’ve collected all the tales he’s written so far, and we’ll be adding more as they’re published (and translated!).

For us, this collection of stories deserves to be read, just like that part of our country, so beautiful and powerful, deserves to be visited and explored.  And if you do, don’t forget to learn about Tudela from the inestimable Santi Lorente.

We’ll leave you with the index of titles ordered by day.  To read each story, just click on the title.  At the end of each tale, there is a link that brings you back to the index.  You can also go from story to story, using the list below.



Marzo 15
Las correrías de los canónigos de Calahorra por las calles de Tudela
Marzo 16
Año 1966, el año en que los toros se encalaban
Marzo 17
El magnicidio del Molino Lazbay en el Puente Mayor de Tudela
Marzo 18
Las coplas del Ciego de Tudela
Marzo 19
La huida a Francia de unas monjas de Tudela
Marzo 20
La maldición de los  Palafox
Marzo 21
El Quijote y Tudela
Marzo 22
La cuadrilla la alpargata
Marzo 23
Los herejes de Tudela
Marzo 24
Teatros y Rosas
Marzo 25
La visión esotérica de los Cicerones Acarreta y Ezquerra
Marzo 26
El gigante tudelano que salvó a Baiona
Marzo 27
La historia de Santa Ana o Hannah de Galilea
Marzo 28
El Santo Grial y la Iglesia de la Magdalena de Tudela
Marzo 29
Las historias del Tajaderas y el Sacatripas
Marzo 30
Marzo 31
María Agustina de Conejares
    Abril 1
Miguel Servet, un tudelano quemado dos veces
    Abril 2
El primer Supermercado del Barrio de Lourdes
    Abril 3
Los vascos tudelanos del Siglo XVI
    Abril 4
Los helicópteros de París
    Abril 5
El Paratge de Tudela, una cita de amor
    Abril 6
Cuento triste
    Abril 7
Los langostinos del Oso, el Nazi y el loro
   Abril 8
Los amantes de Mosquera
  Abril 9
Un Bonzo en Tudela
Abril 10
La Mafia llega a Tudela
Abril 11
El corazón de Isabel de Valois
Abril 12
El Ángel y las Francesas
Abril 13
En Atenas llegó el amor
Abril 14
Un Phanton y una bodega
Abril 15
Poseída por un espárrago
Abril 16
El fantasma del Gaztambide
Abril 17
Los bandidos de las Bardenas
Abril 18
La “Gamazada” y las Coplas de Monteagudo
Abril 19
Ciudadano del Mundo Tudelano
Abril 20
Perico Poker
Abril 21
Los toros ya se han escapao
Abril 22
Una extraterrestre en Tudela
Abril 23
 La llave de la Catedral
Abril 24
Paloteao de hackers en la Mejana
Abril 25
Grandola, Villa Morena
Abril 26
Guerra, erotismo y juego en la corte de un tudelano
Abril 27
Agur, me llevan a EEUU
Abril 28 – A
De Virginia a Lutxi sorgina
Abril 28 – B
Yanguas y Miranda sobre Vasconia
Abril 29
Fiestas, conventos y terneras
Abril 30
Conversando con los Gigantes de Tudela
Mayo 1
A la memoria de un sindicalista
Mayo 2
La caja del mostillo y las diosas grecorromanas
Mayo 3
Epilogo: 50 cuentos con pasión

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