La Concha Beach in San Sebastián’s got it all to be a world-class beach, and that’s exactly what the 2024 Travellers’ Choice awards have decided.  It’s an urban beach, right in the heart of the incredible beauty of San Sebastian.  But what’s more, it’s the axis line and natural vista point of a spectacular bay, and it has a beachwalk that one never tires of walking, because every stroll offers a new city and a new landscape.

It’s no surprise that the visitors to San Sebastian hold La Concha in such high esteem, and this year’s rating by the tourists who’ve been to the Basque city have elevated it to the podium of the best beaches in the world, taking the bronze at the European and global level.  The gold goes to Falésia, in the Portuguese Algarve, and the silver to Isola dei Conigli off Lamepdusa Island in Italy.

This isn’t the first time it’s appeared on this list.  Back in 2019, it took fourth in the world, and the top spot in Europe.  But this year’s edition does mark quite a change from last year’s when the top three were much more “exotic,” at least for a European.  They were Baia do Sancho in Brazil, Eagle Beach in Aruba, and Cable Beach in Australia.

Another aspect that caught our attention was the high number of ratings La Concha received: almost 10,000.  That places it among the most-rated beaches on the list.

Having skimmed the reviews, we found the most highly-rated features to be the beauty of the surroundings (both urban and natural), and the most negative to be its overcrowding and, in some cases, lack of cleanliness.

Tripadvisor – 2/2024 – USA

Travelers’ Choice Awards. Best of the Best Beaches

Golden sands, rugged coastlines, clear blue waters—this year’s winning beaches are traveler faves for everything from lazy beach days to underwater adventures.

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Fotografía de cabecera. Playa de La Concha Tripadvisor Alberto Andrés Agosto de 2022




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