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San Sebastian’s main airport is Bilbao. Who’s surprised?

Avión de Air Baltic en aeropuerto de Bilbao (fotomontaje)
AirBaltic is promoting its Riga—Bilbao connection with a photo of San Sebastian, and some are surprised by it, complaining that the photo is La Concha Bay

Berritxu the Basque-Speaking Parrot is again in the news

Berritxu Nosellas, el loro de la Real
Berritxu, the Basque-speaking Real Sociedad fan parrot with over 100,000 followers on social media is making news in "Clarín" again

An IBM quantum computer at Ikerbasque in San Sebastian

Ordenador cuántico IBM de 127 Qubits intanado en Ikerbasque de Donostia
For most of us mere mortals, which definitely includes us, the term "quantum computer" sound more like science fiction than science fact.  But we...

TripAdvisor’s users like…Gipuzkoa

Entrada restaurante Martín Berasategui
Users' opinions on TripAdvisor place La Concha and Martín Berastegui's restaurants at the top of the world ranking

New York Times: the Basque Autonomous Community, tourism and culture with...

Tabakalera es un espacio de arte polivalente en expansión dentro de una antigua fábrica de cigarrillos en San Sebastián.Crédito...Emilio Parra Doiztúa para The New York Times
A travel article that shares some clues about what to do in San Sebastian, Getaria, and Bilbao to enjoy Basque culture with children

When Bob Dylan and Mikel Laboa performed for 80,000 spectators at...

Publico asistente al Concierto por la paz de 2006, donde actuó BoB Dylan
In June 2006, Bob Dylan and Mikel Laboa performed for 80,000 spectators at Zurriola Beach in a "Concert for Peace"

ESPN: Real Sociedad, a grand soccer team from an extraordinary city

Los aficionados de la Real Sociedad están tan orgullosos de su identidad vasca como de su club. Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images
ESPN has published an article by Luis Miguel Echegaray about Real Sociedad and its overlap with society

A look at the Basque Country from New York, focusing on...

Sideria Petritegi Katelyn Simone
New Yorker Katelyn Simone brings us closer to the Basque Country via two different dining experiences, one in Astigarraga, and and other in San Sebastian

Forbes returns to San Sebastian, to make their readers fall in...

Vista panorámica de  San Sebastian - Donostia. GETTY
The US magazine 'Forbes' has written about the Basque Country again, this time focusing on San Sebastian

The AEMI Conference is about to start, with attendees from 17...

AEMI 31 conferencia
On September 30 and October 1, the European Migration Association's conference will be held, hosted by the Basque Government