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Firma del memorándum  de colaboración entre Corcega  y la CAPV

Corsica and the Basque Autonomous Community have signed a memorandum of...

The President of Corsica and the Lehendakari have signed a memorandum of cooperation on European Affairs, Language Policy, and the Diaspora
La Republica vasca ANTONIO DE GUEZALA, 1931.

On April 14, we pay homage to the Spanish Republic, and...

Today, April 14, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Spanish Republic, which reminds us Basques that we still don't have a republic of our own
Herri Urrats. La fiesta en defensa del Euskera que se celebra en Iparralde (edición 2019)

France returns one of their rights as citizens and as a...

The French Assembly, against Macron's party's opposition, passes a law that allows for linguistic immersion in Basque in French public schools
En Francia ocho estudiantes de la UPV/EHU, junto con tres de la UPNA, se encuentran en Burdeos participando en el proyecto. ( Foto. UPV/EHU)

A Euroregion project to train teachers who can teach throughout the...

A Euroregion program to train teachers to work in bilingual French/Basque schools in the Northern Basque Country

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