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Chocolate y cafe Kaitxo, triunfando en el mundo

Kaitxo. Chocolate and coffee from Balmaseda that are a worldwide hit...

A coffee and chocolate company from Balmaseda is making it big with its high quality products
A pesar de la gran cantidad de peticiones Twitch aún no ha incluido una etiqueta oficial para identificar las transmisiones en euskera

The struggle to get Basque recognized on the Twitch platform

Twitch has still not incorporated an official identifying tag for broadcasts in Basque (or many other minority languages), despite the demand
Aguirre, en su despacho de la delegación del Gobierno vasco en París. A la derecha, Urkullu y Ortuzar frente a la sede.

The Delegation of the Basque Government in Paris. 1951-2021. 70 years...

Exactly 70 years ago, the French Government expropriated the building where the Basque Government had established its Delegation in Paris and gave it to the Francoists…and it's never been returned
Fotograma del documental que nos muestra la llegada del Habana a  Gran Bretaña

A historical document: 3′ 25″ of film of the arrival of...

The Wessex Film and Sound Archive has shared a documentary about the arrival of the Basque children to Southampton aboard the 'Habana' on May 23, 1937

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