The US-based online publication Irish Central, dedicated to the Irish all over the world, has brought back an article on the Basque roots of the Irish (which we ourselves mentioned back in the day).  The article, written by Irish genealogy expert Michael O’Laughlin, is based on the DNA studies he’s carried out.  We’ve already brought you some of these articles among the topics we’ve covered on Basque genetics.

Curiously, the Irish, the Basques, and the Sards make up an unusual triangle of genetic relationships, because there are also important genetic connections between the islanders of Sardinia and the original Basque settlers.

Perhaps the only thing that might need to be explained to the author of the article, an expert in Irish genealogy, is that being of Basque descent is not the same as descending from the inhabitants of northern Spain.  For starters, when this happened, Spain did not exist, while the Basques did.  But even if rather than Spain, he’d meant the Iberian Peninsula, making a geographical rather than political reference, that isn’t quite right either.  This is because of the fact that the Basques back then, as today, live on both sides of the Pyrenees, meaning some are on the Iberian Peninsula and others on the continental mainland.

In any case, it’s always a pleasure to find out that a people as pleasant and beloved by the Basques as the Irish have strong connections with our Basque ancestors who colonized Europe after the last Ice Age.

Irish Central – 25/9/2020 – Ireland

Some myths of the “Celts” exposed by the science of DNA

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