The Portal Portuario website has just reported that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the president of the Bilbao Port Authority, Ricardo Barkala, and the president of the Directorate for the National Port Administration of the Republic of Uruguay, Juan Curbelo del Bosco, to share and transfer their accumulated experience in their areas of competence, and to promote knowledge exchange programs.

We’re thrilled by this MoU because, in addition to what the collaboration between the institutions might mean, it directly connects with a historical reality that is not widely known among the Basques: the influence of the “Ordinances of the Illustrious University and Hiring House of Very Noble and Very Loyal Town of Bilbao of 1737” in Latin American countries.

As told to us by Uruguayan lawyer Beatriz Bugayo: these Ordinance of Bilbao were the basic commercial law in Latin American countries until well into the 19th century, and they were the basis for later legal development which, while it goes beyond the original, does include its original concepts and traditions.

We discovered this a few years ago when we wrote about the training embarkations in the Port of Montevideo, the most important one in Uruguay, one of which carries a very Basque name: Ederra (beautiful).

This tradition has been maintained, as last year, the MVD Pilots’ Association in Montevideo received two new pilot boats, the Ederra 6 and Ederra 7, manufactured by Safehaven Marine.

We’ll leave you with some amazing footage of one of these boats, the Ederra 7, filmed during its open and rough sea testing at Roches Point, Cork, Ireland.

A beautiful news item that we’re sure will have practical and positive results for both institutions.

We’ll leave you with the report from Portal Portuario, the one by Beatriz Bugayo, and the article about the two new boats with Basque names being handed over to the training team.

Portal Portuario – 20/10/2023 – Uruguay

Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao y Administración de Puertos de Uruguay firman MoU para desarrollo de actividades en común

El presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao, Ricardo Barkala, y el presidente del Directorio de la Administración Nacional de Puertos de la República de Uruguay, Juan Curbelo del Bosco, firmaron un marco de actuación para compartir y transferir la experiencia acumulada en sus ámbitos de competencia, y promover programas de intercambio de conocimientos…

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Derecho Comercial Beatriz Bugallo – 2017/1/ – Uruguay

Ordenanzas de Bilbao

Las Ordenanzas de Bilbao fueron la normativa jurídica comercial básica en los países latinoamericanos hasta entrado el siglo XIX. Tienen una importancia fundamental para el desarrollo legislativo posterior que, si bien la supera, recoge su tradición y concepción institucional comercial.

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Safehaven Marine – 11/ 2022 – Ireland

Safehaven Marine deliver two pilot boats to the MVD Pilots association in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Safehaven Marine have launched ‘Ederra 6 & 7’, two new Interceptor 48 pilot boats for the MVD Pilots Association in Montevideo, Uruguay. The first of the two Interceptor 48’s for the pilots was supplied in July with her sistership launched in October. Fitted with a new custom design sliding pilot boarding platform that can be set for different ship side to platform distance’s according to conditions.

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