The start of a new year is always a good time to look back at what brought you here.  In our case, we decided to draw up a list of the most read articles in the whole history of the blog, since its official start date in October 2010.

It’s now been thirteen years that we’ve been bringing our readers all the amazing stories about Basques that we can.  In this time, our articles have been read more than 7.5 million times, as counted by Google Analytics, which has a reputation for omitting a certain amount of hits.  But, since it’s been what we’ve always used, it’s good for spotting trends.

For example, of the 7.5 million views, 2.2 million of them have been in the last three years, and almost 1.5 million in the last two.  That is definitely an upwards trend, at least as regards page visits.

And of all those visits, the ten most read articles have combined to almost 900,000 hits, which means that our ten most popular articles account for 12% of all visits.

As you can see, in tenth place is the English edition of the #3 article.  We ranked it separately because by itself, it’s had over 33,000 visits, compared to 112,000 for the version in Spanish, and that is something we could not fail to highlight.

To all our readers, thanks for following us!

1. 167,197 visits (also available in English)

2. 142,116 visits (also available in English)

3. 112,327 visits (see #10)

4. 109,356 visits (also available in English)

5. 90,573 visits (also available in English)

6. 72,457 visits (also available in English)

7. 60,147 visits (also available in English)

8. 56,117 visits

9. 55,479 visits (also available in English)

10. 33,149 visits

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