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Kia Marie Hunt is a student of Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese at the University of Birmingham (which we’ve mentioned before for its studies on Basque).  She’s written an article about her experiences as an English teacher to children in Andoain on the website The National Student, which is a British website for, as the name indicates, students.

In her article, Ms Hunt tells us about what impressed her and the things she liked the most about her summer stay in Gipuzkoa, and there are a lot.  Pintxo-pote, the mountains, the hospitality…even some of the things that can be really irritating, like the rain.

But of all the things she listed, one stands out from among the things travelers usually highlight about a trip through the Land of the Basques: the character of Basque women.  The truth is, we never tire of reading how a British visitor has shared some time with us and then comes to the conclusion that “They’re not children, they’re women, strong women, and without a doubt they will not tolerate any nonsense”.  

Like life itself.

The National Student – 16/3/2015 – Gran Bretaña

Lessons learnt in the Basque Country

I spent my summer teaching English to six to eight year olds in the little town of Andoain in the Basque Country, Spain. One month is the longest I’ve ever spent away from home before and sure, it was fantastic in terms of improving my Spanish language, as well as gaining experience in working with children. But I think what’s better is that I learnt many cultural lessons and I even found out things about myself that I never knew before. So don’t worry, this isn’t a boring long list of Basque and Spanish vocabulary, it’s a list of the more interesting things that my month away taught me.

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