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Sky News talks with Bizkaia Talent about the impact of Brexit...

2022-1-3 pantalla entrevista a Ivan Jimenez Sky News
Sky News talks with Bizkaia Talent about the impact Brexit has had on skilled labor in Britain and the Basque policy for attracting those workers that have been affected

A Basque missionary is fighting to preserve the Montubia culture of...

Lugar donde se construirá el museo de la cultura montubia en Ecuador
Alava-born missionary Juan Ramón Etxebarria has helped create the first Montubia culture museum in Ecuador

The Basques before the independence of the Viceroyalty of New Granada...

Batalla de Boyacá. Óleo de Martín Tovar y Tovar, París, 1880.
Basque-Colombian John Alejandro Ricaurte presents us with the Basques' contribution to the independence process of New Granada.

Wales and the Basque Country, two friendly nations, two rival sides...

Partido entre las selecciones de Euskadi-Gales  en 2006
A review of a soccer match between the new national teams, and many other things regarding the relationship between Wales and the Basque Country, covered in this article

Basques and the Independence of Chile: History intertwines, by Pedro Oyanguren

Primera Junta del Gobierno de Chile (1810)
An article and two books led by Basque-Chilean Pedro Oyanguren as a part of our series on the independence of the New World Republics tell us all about Chile

Speaking with the Basques from Italy, using the Eco Rally in...

Eco-rally  Bilbao 2019
The Italian daily 'TeverePost' has just published an article by Guido Guerrini giving an overview of the Basques in preparation for the EcoRally

Cycling Routes in the Basque Country

Epic road Rides San Juan de Luz
The British blog Epic Road Rides has dedicated an extensive article to the Basque Country for those who live sightseeing by bicycle

Luis de Basabe: a Basque from Baja California

Luis de Basabe y una vista de  Ensenada, México
The story of Luis de Basabe, a very Basque Mexican engineer and author, who lived in Baja California

Dolores Redondo brings Basque culture to Hollywood

Dolores Redondo con su novelaLa Cara Norte del Corzón
NBCUniversal and Heyday Films have announced that they will be making a series based on "The North Face of the Heart". The agreement includes the Baztán Trilogy

Basque culture and cuisine accompany Chillida in Great Britain

Summer Solstice dance performance by Kukai, May 2019. Photo: Alex Abril © Zabalaga Leku, San Sebastián, VEGAP (2021). Courtesy of the Estate of Eduardo Chillida.
At a Chillida exhibition organized by the Swiss art gallery Hauser & Wirth, Basque cultural and culinary activities will be organized