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So why are there so many Basque restaurants in the American...

Tasting Table has published an interesting article covering the reasons which explain the important presence of Basque cuisine in the US

Basque chef and musician from Boise Dan Ansotegui is the star...

Dan Ansotegui en CBS Saturday Morning
"CBS Saturday Morning" is an American talk show that's aired since 1997 and has 2 million viewers.  And this morning, they showed a marvelous...

The way for Basque national teams to participate internationally has been...

selección vasca femenina 500 WOMAN, que fue ganadora de la medalla de oro en el Campeonato Mundial de Sokatira 2021
An amendment by the Basque Group to the new Sports Law bill recognizes Basque teams' official participation in some international events

The 2022 National Basque Week is being held in Macachín, Argentina

Semana Nacional Vasca en Argentina 2022
This third annual National Basque Week is being organized by the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Center in Macachín, Argentina

From a Massachusetts university: 5 reasons to visit the Basque Country

5 razones para visitar el País Vasco- Her Campus
Grace Bertagna, a sophomore at UM Amherst, tells Her Campus why everyone should visit the Basque Country

Who was the first to sail around the world, Magellan, Elkano,...

Grabado de Juan Sebastián Elkano
National Geographic has just published an article highlighting that it was Elkano who actually achieved the feat. But what if he were a woman?

BBC: The legacy the Basques have left (and leave) in the...

Vascos en América BBC Mundo - foto Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
BBC World in Spanish brings us an article outlining the legacy Basques have left in the Americas

Not to be missed! The ‘New Yorker’ explains the “miracle”...

New Yorker. Ilustración de   James Clapham  para el artículo sobre las Cooperativas Mondragon.
'New Yorker' magazine has just published an article explaining the "miracle" of the Mondragón Co-op

‘The Guardian’ covers craft cider making in the US and references...

Peter Yi, owner of Brooklyn Cider House. Photograph- YCOMSPACE:Courtesy of Brooklyn Cider House
The influence of Basque hard cider on craft producers is something we've discussed many times. Now, 'The Guardian' joins us

“Agur Jaunak” closes out the Dax city festivals in Les Landes

Interprentando el Agur Jaunak en las fiestas de Dax
"Agur Jaunak," the Basque song for solemn occasions, is sung in Dax, in Les Landes, to close out their weeklong city festival