Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, and it is now the host of the Maison 8 Restaurant, which holds a secret surprise for Basques: it offers modern Basque cuisine, all the way up on the 40th floor of the Lucent Tower, 180 m (590 ft) above the city.

Maison 8 Restaurant cocina vasca en Nagoya
Maison 8 Restaurant: Basque cuisine in Nagoya
Shunsuke Yamakado chef
Shunsuke Yamakado, chef

The articles we found have the following explanation for why Basque cuisine is the heart of the culinary offerings at this restaurant.  Its executive chef, Shunsuke Yamakado, born in 1983, perfected his skills at restaurantes in Paris, Lyon, and the Mie prefecture, where he decided to dedicate himself to cooking at the age of 19.  But during a visit to the Basque Country, which straddles the French-Spanish border, he felt he was in an place “similar to the Tokai region.”

In his kitchen, they pay homage to the culinary culture of the Basque Country, known, as they claim, as the best gourmet region in the world, and they offer “modern Basque cuisine,” an expression that finds new life with the delicious ingredients found in the Tokai region, all while using traditional Basque culinary methods.

The Tokai region, which is quite similar to the Basque Country, is surrounded by sea and mountains, and is blessed with a wealth of seasonal ingredients.  With these ingredients, they create traditional and modern dishes using pintxos and wood-fire oven cooking.

His menu is full of local products in the Basque cooking style.  On offer are pintxos, and of course they recommend a txakoli to accompany these dishes, as well as having an excellent selection of Rioja wines.

Maison 8 restaurant Nagoya- pintxos
Maison 8 restaurant Nagoya- pintxos

We simply love this restaurant’s focus: seasonal, local products and a simple cooking style that is respectful of said products.  In essence, a very Basque style.

It’s clear that we’re going to have to go to Nagoya to try his dishes!

We’ll leave you with the reports from Tokay TV, from Tabelog (we recommend reading the comments of those who have dined there), and the restaurant’s own Instagram page.

Tokay TV – 15/10/2023 – Japan

バスク料理をモダンアレンジ…名古屋・ルーセントタワー40階『MAISON 8 restaurant』特別な日にもおすすめ

『MAISON 8(メゾン エイト) restaurant』は、名古屋駅近くのルーセントタワー40階にあるレストランです。「バスク地方」の料理を楽しむことができ、高さ約180mから名古屋の街を一望できる絶景のロケーションです。  フランスや三重県のレストランなどで腕を磨いてきた総料理長ですが、スペインとフランスの両方にまたがる「バスク地方」を訪れた際に、“東海地方と似ている”と感じたといいます。

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Tabelog – 2023   – Japón

名古屋を一望する地上180mの絶景で、東海地方の海、山、大地の恩恵を紡ぐ 小さなバカンス


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Instagram account of Maison 8 Restaurant

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