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“The Next 50” awards are about to be handed out for...

Regalos gastronómicos que el País Vasco ha dado al mundo culinario
A pre-event article on the "The Next 50" awards, being held in Bilbao, and the gifts Basque gastronomy has given the world

Creating a Basque-Philippine culinary connection

webinar gastronomia vasca
Basqvium and Filipina chef Reggie Aspiras are giving webinars in which they're bringing Basque cuisine to the Philippines

Video recipes from the Centro Basko Villegas, which is turning 20

Centro Basko Villegas
The Centro Basko Villegas in Argentina, celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, has a Facebook page full of activities and videos of Basque recipes adapted to South America

Basque wines and Eric Asimov, the ‘NYT’ wine critic

Eric Asimov vinos New York Times
The wine critic at the 'New York Times' gives us an amazing overview of Basque wines in his column

The Basque Cheesecake is the “Flavor of the Year” at the...

Gazta-Tarta . Alex Lau for Little Grace Bakery
We've commented on the global reach the Gazta-Tarta, or Basque burned cheesecake, has reached ever since it was first created at the La Viña...

A very Basque Thanksgiving in Petaluma, California

Basque Thanksgiving in Petaluma
A California journalist specialized in gastronomy tells how and why they had a Basque Thanksgiving dinner

The Basque Country: building the “Culinary Nation”

Basque Culinary Center
The 'Fine Dining Lovers' website has just published an article analyzing the efforts that have gone into making the Basque Country the "Culinary Nation"

“Artzaina”: the Basque hamburger that Hélène Darroze is making for home...

Hambirguesa Jóia de Hélène Darroze
Hélène Darroze has prepared a series of "take away" hamburgers at her Joià restaurant in Paris

“The Next 50” seeks to honor the youth shaping the future...

50 Next
We've brought you many articles on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, which brings us that list every year, and where we can find Basque cuisine...

Do the different types of cabernet grapes come from the Basque...

Racimo de Cabernet Franc
We've talked on more than one occasion about Basque wines, from Irulegi to the Rioja Alavesa, from Navarre to the coastal txakolis, but in...