So, there you have it, the best city in the world for dining.  That is the decision the readers of Conde Nast Traveler decided on in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

We must admit that this Basque city and the readers of this US travel magazine have a special chemistry, because they never stop bringing the city up.  A few days ago, we brought you another report also mentioning this same survey and city, the former describing the latter as the “second best small city in the world,” while choose the Trans-Cantabrian as one of the best train journeys on the whole planet.

But the references to San Sebastian are hardly an exception in this journal, and we’re sure it won’t be the last, because we know that many “tasty” and interesting tidbits will follow this article.

As we also say, we Basques have such  a good “reputation” because we offer authenticity, rather than a “theme park,” and because we haven’t let the place because a tourist trap.  But we must be very careful to maintain our charm so that even as we attract tourists, our cities, landscapes, way of life, and of course cuisine, stay pristine.

That way, we can be sure we’ll be bringing you many more articles like this where readers consider San Sebastian to be one of, if not the, best city for dining in the world.

It’s up to us.

And San Sebastian, again, congratulations!!!!

Conde Nast Traveler  – 10/2023 – USA

The best cities for food in the world: Readers’ Choice Awards 2023

There are many reasons to visit a new city, but diving into the local food scene has to be one of the highlights. Whether it’s authentic street food, innovative experimentation, Michelin stars, classic cookery or regional specialities, these cities are renowned worldwide for their culinary prowess. Perfect pizzas, smokey barbecue, succulent tacos and a memorable cheesecake – here are the top 10 cities for eating your way around.

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