Escudo de Ea
Coat of Arms of Ea

We’ve just come back from the spectacular town of Ea, on the Biscay coast, to prepare a new “Viewpoints” entry.  It’s been a while since we’ve uploaded anything there, despite its being one of our favorite sections.  After all, it gets us away from the computer and lets us enjoy some of our favorite little corners throughout our nation.

Our latest entry was born of a visit to the Rioja Alavesa during the grape harvest, and that gave us a double entry that showed off the amazing hospitality we were shown at the Ostatu Winery.

The images we’ve filmed of Ea were recorded just over a month ago, at the beginning of April, and we’ve finally found the time to put them together and turn them into this short two-minute video which gives us the chance to offer you a different perspective, from a drone, of the main part of this small and beautiful Biscay town, all the way from the entrance from the highway in the south to the small harbor that opens onto the Bay of Biscay.

In Ea, we can find a small but pretty urban center that has developed on both sides of the mouth of the Ea River.  We think it should be the dictionary entry of “postcard perfect.”  Split by the river, the two sides are connected by some bridges that give the town a unique character.

Uno de los puentes urbanos peatonales de EA
One of the pedestrian bridges joining the two sides of the Ea River

At the very north of the tow, where the river opens up into the small harbor, we can find, on the west, a small urban beach that is the natural continuation of the small plaza where the frontón court is located.

And just east of it, the path continues towards the coast, passing through the small port and ending at a watchtower overlooking the Bay of Biscay (the Sea of the Basques).

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words, we’ll leave you with the video we’ve prepared, which we hope our readers will enjoy.

We’ll also leave you with two links to get to know Ea and its history better, as well as what the town and its surroundings have to offer.  As we always explain, we’re not experts in tourism, so we share the links that we find most informative.  In this case, they would be the City of Ea‘s tourism website, and the section dedicated to Ea on the Basque Tourism website.  The latter is a site we use as a main resource, given the quality of its information and because, like us, they understand our country as a union of all Basque territories, forgetting the administrative divisions that in the end should not divide that which is united.

Those going there by car should remember that the parking area is on the outskirts of town, near the highway, so it is a short walk into the center.

Finally, a “promise”: now that the days are longer, we hope to travel to some more corners of the Basque Country to get to share with our readers other places that we find truly special (San Miguel de Aralar will not miss out this year on an entry in this section!).

Ea turismo –    – Basque Country

Información turística sobre EA

Fundado por los arrantzales de Bedarona, Ereño y Natxitua, Ea es un pueblo rural que mantiene su espíritu pesquero. Conforman el municipio el casco urbano de Ea y los barrios, Natxitua y Bedarona, cada uno con sus características y personalidad completan el espléndido y diverso paisaje.

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Turismo Vasco –  – Basque Country

Ea. qué ver y hacer

Web «Turismo vasco». Vista de un puente de Ea
Web «Turismo vasco». Vista de un puente de Ea

Ea, también conocido como Ie, es uno de esos pueblos que no defrauda. Un núcleo urbano, que, gracias a su pequeño casco histórico y sus puentes de piedra ha enamorado a medio mundo. No es para menos. Se trata de un pueblo diferente, especial.

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