The British weekly The New European, which we cite today because of an article of theirs about the Basques and their culture, was born two days after the 2016 Brexit referendum results were known.  Its goal, since its founding, has been to counterbalance the anti-EU positions many British media outlets had at the time, and to spread word, both inside the UK and out, of all the “horror” that would be wrought due to Brexit.

For many of the citizens of the rest of Europe, the manipulation and lack of critical thinking of those who voted to leave the EU is quite incomprehensible.  It started with a referendum convened to draw attention from the problems the British government and its leading party (then and now) were having, and then continued with an avalanche of lies from the Leavers, who accused the EU and the UK’s lack of sovereignty therein of all Britain’s ills, real and imaginary, and finished by leaving the European Union thanks to votes cast by many citizens who were later shocked that their side had won.

The consequences of that decision began to be paid on the day after the referendum, and it’s only gotten higher over time.

To remember that mistake and its consequences, as well as the manipulation voters were subjected to by unscrupulous politicians and media, The New European was born to help the British re-integrate into common institutions.  We share their point of view and goals.  Moreover, we believe that brave positions, like this newspaper’s, are needed to help mitigate the disaster this has been for the UK, and for Europe as a whole.

And that’s why we were so pleased to find an article there dedicated to the Basques and their ability to resist the adversities of Francoism, especially when knowing that the Conservative British governments, of the same party that pushed for Brexit, were (undeclared) allies of the Francoist insurgents.

Callum Tennant, the author of the article, covers his experience attending a Basque cultural event at the Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao, which was recalling the 86th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica.  Alongside his description of that event, the author shares the thoughts he had upon seeing all the repression our country suffered at the hands of the Francoists.

The New European – 3/5/2023 – Great Britain

The culture Franco could not kill

In Bilbao’s Kafe Antzokia, a bald man in white trousers and an oversized navy blue shirt is warming up the crowd at a Basque music concert. He jokes with the audience – or at least that’s what I assume he’s doing. He’s speaking Basque.

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Photo: Urbeltzen Dantza Ganbara at the Kafe Antzokia


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