Summarizing what a nation is, and the people that creates it, in only 15 points, would seem to be an impossible task, especially if we’re talking about one of those peoples that seems to offer those who research it more questions than answers, “despite” (or perhaps “because of”) existing in the same territory since prehistoric times.  That is what the YouTube channel Untold History has tried to do when discussing the Basque people, in its seventh episode in a series dedicated to different peoples of the world.

This video, just over 23 minutes in length, has, at the time of writing, been viewed over 115,000 times.  In that same series, the runner-up is the one on the Picts, with 79,000 views, though it’s also two months old.

The video, in the six days since it was uploaded, has shown just how interested the world is in our nation, and the interest we Basques have for how we’re viewed from the outside.  This last bit is hardly surprising.  After all, this blog’s goal is to bring that outside view home to the Basque community.

We have said, many times, that we are not what we are, but rather what the rest think we are.  Because that is our image for the world.  That’s why we simply must say how happy we are that this video is reaching such a wide audience.  And that’s something we “know” about.  Let’s not forget that we’ve been watching how every corner of the world looks at us and describes us for over 14 years.

If asked if we’d have chosen the same 15 points to describe the Basque people, we’re sure we wouldn’t have.  At least, not exactly the same 15 points.  But that means nothing, since what’s really interesting about this video is to see how people from outside our reality view it.

These 15 points are:
      • Unique language
      • Ancient origins
      • Distinctive sports
      • Culinary excellence
      • Political autonomy
      • Maritime exploration
      • Cultural symbols
      • Vibrant festivals
      • Innovative architecture
      • Mythical creatures
      • Distinct clothing
      • Natural landscapes
      • Ancient monuments
      • Physical competition
      • Resistance movements

If we had to choose just one thing we miss in this video, it’s the lack of one thing: that the Basque people have been able to hold on to who they are while still adapting to each moment in history.  That is the miraculous explanation of the survival, in the heart of Europe, of a people, its culture, and its identity, despite the lack of an official nation-state to give it structure.  Even today, the Basques have managed to build one of the most advanced and progressive nations in Europe without losing the connection to their roots.

We simply love the video, and we are so grateful to the people who researched it, put it together, and uploaded it.  It never ceases to amaze us just how realistic AI images have become when it comes to creating support for a story (including the odd difficulty AI has when drawing the ikurriña).

Eskerrik asko!!!

This video is in English, but it has the option to have subtitles to be automatically translated into any language.  It’s not perfect, but it helps get the gist.

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