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‘The New European’: “The Basques are still singing” despite Franco

Kafe Antzokia Urbeltzen Dantza Ganbara
The British weekly 'The New European' tells how Basque culture survived and thrived despite Franco's persecution

Aston University: Six key conclusions from the Basque experience in inclusive...

Basque Country Foreign Policy Centre (FPC)
Aston University draws six key conclusions from the Basque experience in regional competitiveness and inclusive growth

Martin Wolf in the ‘Financial Times’: the lessons we can learn...

An article by Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economic commentator at the 'Financial Times' on the lessons that can be learned from the Basque Country

A Navajo who’s a member of the Basque Club of Utah...

James Singer Candidato al Senado
This article was translated by John R. Bopp Not that we want to interfere in the domestic politics of the US, although given the influence this...

A book by Daniel Innerarity, published in Portuguese, and commented on...

Daniel Innenarity
This article was translated by John R. Bopp In 2015, Basque philosopher, linguist, author, and translator Daniel Innerarity published La Política en Tiempos de Indignación (Politics...

An “American Jacobin” has discovered the “Aguirre doctrine” and its dangers

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, and American in Paris, has published an article about Europe, the nation-state, and the stateless European nations in "The Week"

Basques are from “the day before yesterday”, or science and populism

Imágen de una de las zonas de excavacion de Atapuerca
This article was translated by John R. Bopp Note: a few days after writing this, we couldn’t resist bringing back a story on another article in...

Basque identity – French identity

An article in a blog in 'Libération' clearly shows what the 21st century French centralists thing of Basque culture