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In 2015, Basque philosopher, linguist, author, and translator Daniel Innerarity published La Política en Tiempos de Indignación (Politics in Times of Outrage), and it has just been translated into Portuguese.

The Portuguese-language edition of Daniel Innenarity’s book
The Portuguese-language edition of Daniel Innenarity’s book

The Portuguese-language blog “Máquina de escrever” (Typewriter), written by Luciano Trigo, publihsed on the Globo’s website, has an interesting analysis of the Basque philosopher.

Firstly, we’re very grateful that this blog defines the author as “cientista político basco Daniel Innerarity” (Basque political scienist Daniel Innerarity).  Regardless of the fact that one should respect a subject’s feelings of belonging, and in the case of Innerarity, this is clear, we believe that his birthplace is important in order to properly “face” the topics discussed in his book.

The summary of the work the Brazilian author and journalist makes of the work is extremely interesting to us, and we believe it’s going to really encourage many readers in that country to turn to the Basque philosopher’s thoughts.  Some of those reflections, we’re sure, will be of use for the tough times that country is going through.

Globo – 20/5/2017 – Brasil

Cientista político basco analisa os riscos da insatisfação popular para a democracia

“A combinação da democracia com a hiperconectividade transformou a política em uma campanha eleitoral permanente”; “O novo é superestimado na política atual”. Estas são algumas das teses defendidas pelo cientista político basco Daniel Innerarity no ensaio “A política em tempos de indignação” (Leya, 320 pgs. R$ 49), que chega em boa hora às livrarias brasileiras.

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