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Viewpoints: Ea, Biscay, a drone’s-eye view

Vista de Ea desde el puerto
A drone's-eye view of Ea and its small harbor on the Bay of Biscay

March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from...

Maurice Ravel frente a su casa natal en Ziburu
March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from the view of all…even the Basques themselves. We want everyone to remember him

Lest We Forget: March 5, 1937, the Battle of Cape Matxitxako

Izada de la Ikurriña en el Bou Gipuzkoa, unidad de la Armada Auxiliar de Euzkadi.Febrero 37
On March 5, 1937, a handful of Basque sailors wrote a glorious page in the history of our nation just off Cape Matxitxako

120th anniversary of the birth of Lehendakari Aguirre, a key figure...

Updated in 2023 On March 5, 1904, one of the people who would go on to become one of the most important and valuable figures...

Again: Lies and falsehoods about the Basque and Navarrese Economic Agreements,...

An explanation behind the reasons for why the Basque Community and Navarrese Economic Agreements are a key piece of information to understanding the present and the future of the Basques, as well as being an element of sovereignty

Oct. 7, 1936, when Lehendakari Aguirre’s oath changed the history of...

Juramento del Lehendakari Aguirre Foto: Sabino Arana Fundazioa)
On October 7, 1936, José Antonio Aguirre swore the oath of the Lehendakari of the Basque Government, kicking off a new era in our country

Corsica and the Basque Autonomous Community have signed a memorandum of...

Firma del memorándum  de colaboración entre Corcega  y la CAPV
The President of Corsica and the Lehendakari have signed a memorandum of cooperation on European Affairs, Language Policy, and the Diaspora

Aberri Eguna 2021. Building a nation with the support of the...

ikurriña Aberri Eguna 2021 facebook
A global Aberri Eguna that seeks to create collaborative networks among the Basques of the world, and the manifesto of the Limako Arantzazu Euzko Etxea

In the Northern Basque Country: “Am I New-Aquitanian? No, I’m...

Ikurriña en una fachada de Baiona
The debate about the appropriateness (or not) of the French "macro-regions" is solved in the Northern Basque Country: they have no idea why they're part of "New Aquitaine"

Ederbidea: the bicycle route joining Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Bayonne

Ederbidea. La ruta para bicicletas que une Pamplona, Donostia y Baiona
An over 200-km cycling route joins our country north-to-south, crossing the Pyrenees