The Euronews website has just published an article by Aurora Velez a cross-border cycling path backed by the European Union’s Cohesion Policy.  It joins Labourd with Gipuzkoa and Navarre.  It’s 240 km (150 mi) of bike trails and lanes, and getting it ready has cost €9.4 million, of which 65% was cofinanced by the EU Cohesion Policy.

Moreover, it’s a key part of the Trans-European EuroVelo1, made up of over 8,000 km (5,000 mi) bike paths connecting Norway and Portugal, covering the Atlantic Corridor.

Mapa de Ederbidea una ruta en bici que une el norte y el sur del País Vasco
Ederbidea route map joining the Northern and Southern Basque Countries

We just love this story.  It’s a way of offering a safe and environmentally-friendly way of traveling, as well as being an excellent tourist attraction.

But it’s also because it’s an excellent example of how the three administrations our country is divided into can coordinate to promote programs that extend throughout the whole territory and benefit all Basques.  In the article, it’s presented as a “cross-border” project, but for us, it’s a project that acts as a backbone to the Basque Country, connecting three of our territories.

We’ll leave you with the Euronews article, and the project website.

Euronews – 6/1/2021 – Europe

This cross-border cycle path links the Atlantic Pyrenees to towns on the Spanish side of the border

Ederbidea in Euskera (Basque) means beautiful path.

Ederbidea is also a unique cross-border cycle route that links the French Basque Country with Gipuzkoa and Navarre on the Spanish side of the border.

(Spanish) (English) (French)


Ederbidea website


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