Here on the blog, we’ve brought you dozens of articles from this US magazine that have been devoted to the Basque Country as a tourist destination.  This time, Forbes sets its sights on the Northern Basque Country, bringing us an extensive article on a beautiful coastal town of ours: Donibane Lohitzune, or, as it’s known in French and English, Saint-Jean-De-Luz.

The article is written by Tom Mullen and gives readers an idea of the history of this town in Labourd of sailors, whalers, and corsaires on the Bay of Biscay, which has become one of the leading centers of “elegant tourism” since the end of the 19th century. 

As is usual, the unique history of this part of our country is lost among the histories of kingdoms, kings, and battles that have happened inside its walls.  However, in this case, the references to Basque history are more frequent and meaningful than is normal in the travel articles we usually come across.

Without a doubt, Donibane Lohitzune is a magnet for those who want to get to know the best of the Basque Coast, in that cosmopolitan and elegant ambience which that part of our coast from San Sebastian to Bayonne is famous for.

Forbes – 22/3/2021 – USA

Why You Should Visit Saint-Jean-De-Luz When France Fully Reopens

From just west of the French city of Bordeaux to just north of the Spanish city of Bilbao curls the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Here, a right-angled bend in land mass defines a corner of the windswept and often stormy Bay of Biscay. Cities have thrived here for centuries, economically based on fishing and agriculture as well as on hospitality—whether for weekend escapees from inland towns, or for holiday jaunts for aristocracy. These cities include Biarritz in France and San Sebastian (also known as Donostia) in Spain. A smaller French coastal city between these two is Saint-Jean-de-Luz (known as Donibane Lohizune in the Basque language). This is located south of Biarritz and a 20-minute drive north of the French/Spanish border.

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