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28 Bugattis hit the highway through six of the seven Basque...

Ediicion 2023 European Grand Tour de Bugatti en Bilbao
The 28 cars starting off the 2023 Bugatti Grand Tour Europe made their "grand départ" from Bayonne and took a four-day drive through the Basque Country, ending up in Bilbao

July 14: the French Revolution and the Basques: the deportation of...

Un episodio lamentable de la Revolución Francesa: la deportación de labortanos en 1794 Jean Claude Larronde
An article by Basque historian Jean-Claude Larronde about an event that shows the terrible impact of the French Revolution on Basque society

Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastian, Amorebieta, and Bayonne?: the Basque milestones on...

Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastian, Amorebieta, and Bayonne?: the Basque milestones on the 2023 Tour de France (will the Euskaltel-Euskadi team be there?)

From Kanbo: 185 boys and girls offer us a “bodytap” version...

Villa Arnaga y sus Jardines. Kanbo
The 185 members of the Choeur des Colibris du Collège Saint Michel Garicoïts in Kanbo have recorded a fascinating version of Beethoven's Fifth

Forbes is still looking at the Basques – It’s now recommending...

Harbor buildings in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, southwest France TOM MULLEN
The Forbes website has published an extensive touristic article on a Basque town full of history and attractions: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Ederbidea: the bicycle route joining Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Bayonne

Ederbidea. La ruta para bicicletas que une Pamplona, Donostia y Baiona
An over 200-km cycling route joins our country north-to-south, crossing the Pyrenees

Akelarre (Coven of Sisters): the real story behind the hit new...

Fotograma de Akelarre (©Lamia producciones)
"Coven of Sisters (Akelarre)", based on the 17th century witch hunts and the case of young Basque women in Labourd, is a worldwide hit