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Viewpoints: Ea, Biscay, a drone’s-eye view

Vista de Ea desde el puerto
A drone's-eye view of Ea and its small harbor on the Bay of Biscay

March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from...

Maurice Ravel frente a su casa natal en Ziburu
March 7, 1875, birth of Maurice Ravel, a Basque hidden from the view of all…even the Basques themselves. We want everyone to remember him

Lest We Forget: March 5, 1937, the Battle of Cape Matxitxako

Izada de la Ikurriña en el Bou Gipuzkoa, unidad de la Armada Auxiliar de Euzkadi.Febrero 37
On March 5, 1937, a handful of Basque sailors wrote a glorious page in the history of our nation just off Cape Matxitxako

Euskariana, Bilketa, BiNaDi. The access portals for resources on Basque culture

imagen de a web del Museo Vasco de Baiona
Three portals, one per government administration the Basque Country is divided into, offer access to resources on Basque culture. Our proposal: they should work together

Oct. 7, 1936, when Lehendakari Aguirre’s oath changed the history of...

Juramento del Lehendakari Aguirre Foto: Sabino Arana Fundazioa)
On October 7, 1936, José Antonio Aguirre swore the oath of the Lehendakari of the Basque Government, kicking off a new era in our country

Data to know “our place in the world” (or at least...

Union Europea Human resources in science and technology, 2018
Eurostat offers us magnificent tools to know where we as a Euro-region are within the European Union thanks to easy-to-understand data

John R. Bopp, our English-language editor, is one of the “faces”...

John R. Bopp en Euskaraldia 2020
John R. Bopp nuestro editor de inglés, se ha convertido en una de las «caras» de Euskaraldia 2020 y hoy ha entrado en miles de casas vascas a través de ETB

Biscay is redesigning its fiscal policy to promote Sustainable Development Goals

The Government of Biscay (BFA) has signed a collaborative agreement with the University College London (UCL) to develop a fiscal policy that helps it...

Webinar June 11, 2020 – Conference in English on the Basque...

Our regular readers know our great desire to share what exactly the Basque and Navarrese Economic Agrements are.  They are the pillars upon which...

Webinar June 1-4, 2020: Basque Country Fiscal Advantages after Working Abroad

Bizkaia Talent and Gipuzkoa Talent are the tools these two Basque territories use to develop their global strategy to attract, generate, and retain talent...