John R. Bopp has been in charge of the English-language version of our blog practically since it got started.  An American from Nevada, he has understood, since he decided to leave behind the deserts of the US Intermountain West for the green Basque mountains, what country had taken him in.

As we never tire of repeating, we are of the belief that we Basques must take in “anyone, whatever their origin, who wants to share with us the fate of our people, as a brother.”  This is John’s case.  He came here and has turned into one of us.  And he should be considered to be just another one of us.

And we’re mentioning him today because John has just been broadcast into the homes of thousands and thousands of Basque families.  Just before the afternoon news, the Basque state broadcaster ETB showed a short ad promoting Euskaraldia 2020.  And the star of that ad is none other than John, “gure John“, speaking in Basque.  The same John who makes it so that this blog can be read throughout the world.  The one who decided to learn Basque in order to help build our Country.

Euskaraldia is a great idea and a great project.  It’s showing us that it is possible to live in Basque, and with far more people than we’d ever imagined.  Its goal is “to increase the use of Basque by changing our language habits, and the only, minimal, condition is being able to understand Basque”.

We’ll leave you with John’s video and the link explaining this important initiative.  And all that’s left, therefore, is to thank John for having decided to share in our people’s fate with us, and to help About Basque Country reach every corner of the world.  It’s a pleasure to have him with us..

Luis Javier Pérez. Director of About Basque Country


Euskaraldia 2020