This is hardly the first time we’ve talked about the Basques in the Argentine town of Tres Arroyos, a very active community which puts together a large number of activities and works hard to put our best foot forward as a people in that part of Argentina.

And we’re returning to this town in the south of Buenos Aires province to talk about an interesting initiative the Tres Arroyos Commission on Foreign Groups, the Municipal Tourism Directorate, and theJosé A. Mulazzi City Museum have set in motion.  This would be the creation of a series of tourist routes through the city’s old town whereby one can get to know the marks left behind by the different national groups that have settled in that town, including the Danes, the Spaniards, the French, the Israelis, the Italians, the Mexicans, the Dutch, the Syrians, and the Basques.

The presence of this last group, the Basque community, is obviously the one we’re here to discuss.  It was covered this Friday by the daily La Voz del Pueblo, which was founded in 1902 and has been very useful to us on many occasions, in a video.

This tour takes us to the “Plazoleta de los vascos“, inaugurated in 2017, when we wrote about ti; to the Istilart factory, which started out as a farm machinery repair shop and has since expanded and even the “Hiru Erreka” Basque center itself, which, in addition to sharing details about the Basque presence, offers us a list of streets and business with Basque names.  In short, the Basque diaspora’s imprint is deeply felt, not only in the city’s past, but also its present.

La Voz del Pueblo – 20/11/2020 – Argentina

La colectividad Vasca, en el circuito turístico (video)

Hoy a las 15.30, se lanzó el último circuito turístico del proyecto que realizaron en conjunto la Comisión de Colectividades Extranjeras en Tres Arroyos, la Dirección Municipal de Turismo y el Museo Municipal José. A. Mulazzi y que tuvo como protagonista a la Colectividad Vasca.

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La Voz del Pueblo – 22/11/2020 – Argentina

Centro Vasco: Un puente hacia las raíces

Atravesar el 2020 no ha sido una tarea fácil para nadie y las colectividades entran dentro de esta generalidad, tal como sucedió con el Centro Vasco. La pandemia obligó a que el lugar se reinvente y busque nuevas formas de seguir en contacto con quienes asisten y así no perder esas ganas de estar siempre “prendido” a las raíces.

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Tour to see the Basque ethnicity’s mark
Circuito sobre la presencia de la Colectividad vasca en Tres Arroyos (Argentina)
Route about the presence of the Basque community in Tres Arroyos, Argentina


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