Bizkaia Talent and Gipuzkoa Talent are the tools these two Basque territories use to develop their global strategy to attract, generate, and retain talent in our country.  We’ve spoken about them on several occasions, thanks to the numerous activities they organize all over the world, online through the Be Basque Talent Network platform, where they explain the opportunities available not only to Basques who want to return home, but also those who’d like to move here seeking professional opportunities.

Today, right before the deadline, we wanted to let you know about the possibility you have to attend one of their webinars, in which agents with the Revenue Agencies, Hacienda, of these two territories are going to explain the specific advantages offered to people who come to or come back to Biscay or Gipuzkoa after working abroad.

Those who attend in person can also make the most of the Q&A session to clear up any doubts.

There’s still time to sign up, since, thanks to the great success, the number of places open has been increased, and the sign-up date pushed back.  Even so, do not forget to sign up, since even though there are more open spots, they’re still limited.

We’re thrilled to see this clear institutional collaboration in such strategic fields.  We also know that events like these, even though they come from different bodies, help create a single unique view of what the Basque Country is, and that is extremely necessary.


Día: 2 de junio | Hora: 12:00 | Idioma: Castellano


Day: June 4 | Time: 6PM | Language: English

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Día: 1 de junio | Hora: 18:00 | Idioma: Castellano


Day: June 3 | Time: 6PM | Language: English

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