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The Basque Country is a priority partner in the Government of...

Banderas Gales-Euskadi - Photo 100754894 © Ruletkka | Dreamstime.com
A trade mission sent by the Welsh Government pays a virtual visit to the Basque Country, tagged as a priority partner for the Welsh

EuropeWave. A Basque-Scottish project to promote marine energy innovation

Escocia - Pais Vasco impulsan el programa EuropeWave 2021-2026
The governments of Scotland and of the Basque Autonomous Community are leading a 5-year project to promote the development of marine energy innovation

A Basque network to promote “Industry 4.0” is a finalist at...

DIH Champions Challenge 2020
A Basque network to promote "Industry 4.0" is a finalist at the DIHNET.EU Innovation Hub Network Challenge

Corporate Vision Magazine: a new international prize for Bizkaia Talent

Premio corporate vision para Bizkaia Talent
La revista Corporate Vision Magazine le ha otorgado a Bizkaia Talent el Small Business Award por considerarla la mejor organización en gestión del talento

Bizkaia Talent is a reference model at the City Nation Place...

City Nation Place Global Bizkaia Talent
Bizkaia Talent is a reference case study at the City Nation Place World Congress thanks to its management of territorial talent

Iberdrola locates its Global Smartgrid Innovation Hub in the Basque Country

El diputado general de Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria, y el presidente de Iberdrola, José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, visitando unas instalaciones de la compañía vasca
En primavera de 20201 Iberdrola abrirá su «Centro Mundial de Innovación de Redes Inteligentes» en Bilbao. Una instalación estratégica se instala en el País Vasco

The global impact of the announcement Iberdrola will invest €68B in...

Iberdrola is among a group of companies emerging as ‘new energy majors’ © Maurtiz Antin/EPA-EFE
Iberdrola, born in the Basque Country and headquartered in Bilbao, is the third-largest energy company in the world, and it has just announced a plan to invest €75BN between 2020-2025 in renewables

Bizkaia Talent reinforces its prestige by becoming a founding member of...

European Talent Mobility Forum launched
Last December, we commented on how Bizkaia Talent had been awarded the 2020 International Place Marketing Prize by the La Chaire Attractivité & Nouveau Marketing Territorial...

Webinar June 11, 2020 – Conference in English on the Basque...

Our regular readers know our great desire to share what exactly the Basque and Navarrese Economic Agrements are.  They are the pillars upon which...

Webinar June 1-4, 2020: Basque Country Fiscal Advantages after Working Abroad

Bizkaia Talent and Gipuzkoa Talent are the tools these two Basque territories use to develop their global strategy to attract, generate, and retain talent...