The Argentine city of Villa María should be well known to our regular readers because it’s large and active Basque colony has made the news many times, some of which we’ve mentioned here on the blog.  Similarly, we’ve brough you many piece about Córdoba,  the province where Villa María is located.

But’s today’s news isn’t about “Basques in the World,” which is where we normally categorize news from there.  This time it’s going in the “Economy” category, because that’s what this is all about.

A delegation of entrepreneurs and institutions from the province of Córdoba are coming on a trade mission to the Basque Autonomous Community.

The main goal of this initiatives of this mission include the knowledge economy, productive technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, clusters, the circular economy, and industrial longevity.  Of course international relations will also feature.

We hope they have a wonderful stay in our country and that the meetings and visits and fruitful for all.

Mundo Empresas –  1/6/2022   – Argentina

Empresarios de Villa María viajan al País Vasco a una misión comercial

Empresarios locales se embarcarán en los próximos días en una misión comercial en el País Vasco, como parte de una numerosa delegación que incluye a referentes industriales de diferentes rubros. La actividad comenzará el próximo domingo y se extenderá hasta el viernes 10 de junio. Contará una completa agenda confeccionada en base a las inquietudes relevadas durante las reuniones de cooperación mantenidas entre la Secretaría de Integración Regional del Gobierno provincial y autoridades del País Vasco – Euskadi.

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