After having to be canceled for two years due to the pandemic, the 21st Zegama–Aizkorri mountain marathon was again held on May 29th, again as part of the Golden Trail World Series.  Not only could the weather not have been better, but the ambiance and spectators were amazing, and records broken.

It’s quite clear this race has something special.  Actually, it has two: the route and the spectators, which create an amazing, unique ambiance.  Of course, the organizers knew what they were doing, which is key if you want a race to become a world leader like this one is.

The route was 42.195 km (26.219 mi) long, and the elevation changes amounted to 5,472 m (17,953 ft), passing along both sides of the Aizkorri mountains, starting and ending in Zegama, in Gipuzkoa, a town of 1,500 known worldwide thanks to this race.

As for the spectators, there were 30,000 of them, lined along both sides of the route, cheering on the participants.  As the 2018 winner Rémi Bonnet and 2019 third-place finisher Thibaut Baronian explain, “Zegama is unique, there’s nothing else like it, a crazy crowd all shouting and encouraging you. It’s something you have to experience once in a lifetime as a trail runner.”

To understand why it is said Zegama is so unique, you need only watch this video, the official one created by Salomon Sports.  In it, you can find all the magic surrounding this test.

Note: the video is subtitled in Basque, English, French, and Spanish.

There’s no doubt it’s an amazing way to show off our best side as a people and what we’re really like to the whole world.

We’ll leave you with the news about this race in Yahoo Finance, which covers all of this.

Yahoo Finance -3/6/2022 – USA


After being cancelled for two years due to Covid, Zegama, the most mythical of mountain marathons, is back. Whilst the best trail runners on the planet gathered in the Basque Country to compete over 42 kilometres and 2,700 metres of elevation gain, 30,000 hugely excited Basque supporters were encouraging them from the edges of the trails.

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