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“To understand Jon Rahm, you need to understand the Basque people”

Jon Rahm un deportista vasco.
The Local Knowledge podcast from 'Golf Digest' talks about Jon Rahm as a Basque athlete, and tells listeners who the Basques are

Osasuna in the ‘New York Times’: Monday will still be Monday

Aficionados del Osasuna. The New York Times
An article in "The New York Times" explains the rebirth of Osasuna and what it did to get there

The frontón in Grand Junction, Colorado is on its way to...

Frontón de Gran Junction, Colorado (fotografia Colorado Euskal Etxea)
The Grand Junction frontón has gone from being at risk of being torn down to becoming a protected historic building

The way for Basque national teams to participate internationally has been...

selección vasca femenina 500 WOMAN, que fue ganadora de la medalla de oro en el Campeonato Mundial de Sokatira 2021
An amendment by the Basque Group to the new Sports Law bill recognizes Basque teams' official participation in some international events

Zegama-Aizkorri: Possibly the best race in the world

Zegama-Aizkorri 2022
The Zegama—Aizkorri race, one of the top in the world, was a huge success this year after a two-year covid break

What is Basque pilota? Sylvia Sabes explains on the BBC

Euskal pilota/ Pelota vasca ( Andia/Getty Images)
Sylvia Sabes travels to the Southern Basque Country to explain on the BBC what Basque pilota is and how important it is for the Basques

Harrijasotze–is it a strange or crazy sport?

Harrijasotza en  sport.sky.it
That's the question the Italian sports site sport.sky has asked; they're even more surprised that it's a sport women also play

Forbes: an official Basque team would flourish, but UEFA and FIFA...

Jugadores selección vasca de fútbol
Forbes publishes an article analyzing the latest slammed door from FIFA to getting the National Basque Football Side officially recognized

100th anniversary of the Basque Argentine Club of Concordia, Argentina

Centenario del Club Vasco Argentino de Concordia
This June, the Basque Argentine Club of Concordia, Argentina, which has been recognized with a Declaration of Legislative Interest for its cultural, social, and...

Gipuzkoan Lucas Eguibar, World Snowboard Cross Champ

Luca Eguibar (in den orangefarbenen Hosen) ist der neue Weltmeister. © APA/afp / JAVIER SORIANO
Gipuzkoan Lucas Eguibar is the world snowboard cross champ at the Ski and Snowboarding World Championships in Idre Fjäll, Sweden