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Zegama-Aizkorri: Possibly the best race in the world

Zegama-Aizkorri 2022
The Zegama—Aizkorri race, one of the top in the world, was a huge success this year after a two-year covid break

What is Basque pilota? Sylvia Sabes explains on the BBC

Euskal pilota/ Pelota vasca ( Andia/Getty Images)
Sylvia Sabes travels to the Southern Basque Country to explain on the BBC what Basque pilota is and how important it is for the Basques

Harrijasotze–is it a strange or crazy sport?

Harrijasotza en  sport.sky.it
That's the question the Italian sports site sport.sky has asked; they're even more surprised that it's a sport women also play

Gipuzkoan Lucas Eguibar, World Snowboard Cross Champ

Luca Eguibar (in den orangefarbenen Hosen) ist der neue Weltmeister. © APA/afp / JAVIER SORIANO
Gipuzkoan Lucas Eguibar is the world snowboard cross champ at the Ski and Snowboarding World Championships in Idre Fjäll, Sweden

The surprising story of the Mundaka “left wave”

Imagen de Mundaka y su ola izquierda
The surfing website Magic Sea Weed has a section called First Session which tells the stories of the first surfers in different famous places all...

The story of jai-alai in China

Mei Lan Fang (梅兰芳) en el Forum de Tianjin sosteniendo una chistera.
Juan Pablo Sánchez Beltrán, born in Valencia in 1962, Telco and Economist by studies and profession, is a great lover of history, traditions, and...

Jai Alai, as Told by Business Publication ‘Quartz’

A gambler writes down his horse racing bet ouside a gambling joint in Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines, March 21, 2015. Horseracing is one of the more popular forms of sports betting, both legal and illegal, in the Philippines. When paying your final respects for a relative or friend, the last thing you might expect to see at the wake is people placing bets on a card game or bingo. Not in the Philippines. Filipinos, like many Asians, love their gambling. But making wagers on games such as "sakla", the local version of Spanish tarot cards, is particularly common at wakes because the family of the deceased gets a share of the winnings to help cover funeral expenses. Authorities have sought to regulate betting but illegal games persist, with men and women, rich and poor, betting on anything from cockfighting to the Basque hard-rubber ball game of jai-alai, basketball to spider races. Many told Reuters photographer Erik De Castro that gambling is only an entertaining diversion in a country where two-fifths of the population live on $2 a day. But he found that some gamble every day. Casino security personnel told of customers begging to be banned from the premises, while a financier who lends gamblers money at high interest described the dozens of vehicles and wads of land titles given as collateral by those hoping lady luck would bring them riches.  REUTERS/Erik De Castro
It would seem the media have Basque sports in the spotlight.  Now this doesn't mean they're giving our sport up-to-the-minute coverage, but rather analysis...

Documentaries “Made In: The Basque Country”. Red Bull has won...

Reportajes de Red Bull sobre el surf en el País Vasco
This isn't the first time we've brought up Red Bull and its relationship with the Basque Country, as they've sponsored many activities here, including...

The Senpere Basque who is the captain of the national rugby...

Charles Ollivon capitán de la seleccion francesa de Rugby (foto AFP)
The Basques north of the Pyrenees have two great sports, pelota and rugby.  We've collected more than a few entries about this sport and the...

On US NPR: the Basque chef who became a ‘cesta punta’...

Mikel Larregi Sistiaga (Maya Kroth)
WBUR is the public broadcaster at the University of Boston, and is part of National Public Radio, which we've referenced many times before. It's the...