We just found out thanks to the Argentine network Todo Noticias (TN): students at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) have created a magnifying glass that turns text to audio.  It’s being presented as a solution for people with vision problems.

The project, called “LUP,” is being led by three university students: Uxue Mancisidor, Apurva San Juan, and Eneko Calvo, and has grown under the “umbrella” of Zitek, the UPV Biscay campus’ entrepreneur support program.

This tool allows for older people, or children with dyslexia, or patients who have lost a degree of sight to be autonomous when they need to read any type of text or carry out day-to-day activities.

What’s more, this project is not limited to the special magnifying glass they’ve developed.  They’ve also developed a mobile app for Android and iOS that carries out the same function.  The links can be found on the LUP website, which we link to below.

And the news broke this week that they’ve received a great deal of backing: they’ve won one of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards that were limited to 350 winners worldwide.

This project is not limited to being just a good idea, but rather hopes to become a reality for anyone with reduced eyesight.  They hope to launch the LUP in the market in September.  In the meantime, reservations can be made, starting at €550.

We’ll leave you with the TN article, the UPV article, and the project’s website.

TN – 31/5/2023 – Argentina

Estudiantes crean una lupa de bolsillo que convierte textos en audio y no necesita conexión a Internet

Estudiantes de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV) crearon una lupa que convierte textos en audio y se postula como una solución de accesibilidad para personas con problemas de visión. El proyecto LUP, así lo llaman, ofrece ventajas en la experiencia de uso, como el funcionamiento sin conexión a Internet y soporte para más de 30 idiomas.

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UPV/EHU – 30/5/2023 – Euskadi

La startup ‘Lup’, galardonada por la Fundación Mapfre entre 350 candidaturas de todo el mundo

El proyecto ‘Lup’, impulsado por tres universitarios, ha logrado uno de los premios de la Fundación Mapfre a la Innovación Social entre 350 candidaturas de todo el mundo. Lo ha conseguido con una herramienta que ayuda a personas con visión reducida y dificultades de lectura mediante una lupa tecnológica.

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LUP – 2023 – Euskadi


Convierte cualquier TEXTO en AUDIO en 1 solo CLIC… Ofrecemos soluciones de lectura asistida orientadas a portar autonomía y facilitar el día a día a personas con dificultades de lectura.

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