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Informing the bees of the death of a relative is an...

Comunicación, por la viuda, a las abejas de la muerte del etxeko-jaun del caserío y presentación del joven heredero. Comienzos S XX. Colección Bernardo Estornes Lasa
The fact that the royal beekeeper informed the bees of the Queen's passing should not have surprised the Basques, as it's an ancient tradition here

Basquevolt, the Basque initiative to make solid-state batteries

Basquevolt. Parque Tecnologico de Alava/Araba
Basquevolt, the Basque initiative to make solid-state batteries, has been introduced. It's expected to have a production capacity of 10 GWh by 2027

Father Arrupe in the Bombing of Hiroshima and the Basque who...

El Padre Arrupe en Japon
76 years ago, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, where Basque Jesuit priest Pedro Arrupe was

“AI for Earth” from Microsoft: Four of the five initiatives supported...

Proyectos apoyados por microsoft
Of the five Artificial Intelligence initiatives in the State supported by Microsoft's "AI for Earth" program, four are Basque