The Silicon Review, a journal for business and technology professionals, has included Bizkaia Talent on its annual “50 Smartest Companies of the Year” list for 2021.  Our regular readers here on the blog will be familiar with our interest in this project, promoted by the Biscay Government, seeking to preserve, recover, and attract talent to our country.  This innovative and effective project has become a case study across the world.

In the interview introducing Bizkaia Talent as one of the entities being awarded, the American journal highlights that despite the fact that globally, “there are various talent management firms providing excellent services, but Bizkaia Talent stands out from the rest.”

This recognition from The Silicon Review is now the third award Bizkaia Talent has received just this year, which we’ve mentioned here on the blog.  The first award, from the British publication South East Star, highlighted Bizkaia Talent’s “excellent work” in handling talent in their territory.  The second, from the British EMG Publishing, described the association as “best talent management organization” in the world.

In the interview, Bizkaia Talent Managing Director director Iván Jiménez explains the organization’s current situation and goals.  He states that their main goal “is to become the Basque Country’s leader and a European reference model in the management process for highly qualified people in the fields of science, technology and business.”

And they’ll be doing all this in the current talent shortage that is only getting worse in advanced economies, as more and more highly-qualified people are needed but cannot be found.  Given this situation, Bizkaia Talent sees “the need for a global strategy to attract, retain, and more than ever connect with talent living/working everywhere.”

We’ll leave you with the interview they had on the occasion of this prize.

The Silicon Review – 9/2021 – USA

A non-profit organization with a clear mission: to foster and facilitate the implementation of the necessary conditions for attracting, connecting and retaining in The Basque Country: Bizkaia Talent

In today’s highly competitive world, talent management is not just a simple HR term that can be tossed around. Talent management is a continuous process that involves attracting high-quality talents, providing proper training for skill development, and constantly motivating them to improve their performance.

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