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Bizkaia Talent visits Scotland and the press get defensive

Bizkaia Talent en Escocia
A Bizkaia Talent event has caused a curious reaction: some local media in Scotland didn't like it much

Bizkaia Talent explains the “Basque model” in Great Britain

Imagen de Bilbao
Two opinion articles about Bizkaia Talent published in British media explain the importance of capturing talent and the "Basque model"

Sky News talks with Bizkaia Talent about the impact of Brexit...

2022-1-3 pantalla entrevista a Ivan Jimenez Sky News
Sky News talks with Bizkaia Talent about the impact Brexit has had on skilled labor in Britain and the Basque policy for attracting those workers that have been affected

Bizkaia Talent among the “50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2021”...

Premio corporate vision para Bizkaia Talent
Bizkaia Talent has been chosen as one of the"50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2021" according to 'The Silicon Review'

Two new international honors for Bizkaia Talent, and its 2021 “Evolution...

This year, Bizkaia Talent has received two new international honors, and has published its annual report, "Evolution of Basque Talent 2021"

Corporate Vision Magazine: a new international prize for Bizkaia Talent

Premio corporate vision para Bizkaia Talent
La revista Corporate Vision Magazine le ha otorgado a Bizkaia Talent el Small Business Award por considerarla la mejor organización en gestión del talento

The 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Proof of Basque Strengths and...

Davos 2020
A year ago, we wrote an entry on how the Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report (GTCI), whose purpose is to analyse the state of the...

Bilbao gets an amazing appraisal about its “Talent Search” in Davos

Global Economic Forum 2019
This article was translated by John R. Bopp The history of the World Economic Forum, more popularly known as the Davos Forum, is the story of...