2020 will not be an easy year for anyone to forget, Bizkaia Talent included.  But it won’t be just because of the restrictions put in place due to the pandemic that are making its work that much harder.  It will also be because this was the year of abundant international recognition for this organization: the international Place Marketing Award; being included as a role model in the City Nation Place World Congress; and becoming a founding member of The European Talent Mobility Forum.

To this long list, yet another prize must be added.  The British journal Corporate Vision Magazine has given them their 2020 Small Business Award as they consider them the best organization at managing talent, especially when it comes to its dedication to customer care and satisfaction, commitment to excellence, and constant innovation.

This magazine offers its 155,000 subscribers around the world corporate news and articles about business strategy, corporate case studies, emerging trends, leadership, growth opportunities, and the challenges leading firms are facing.

Every year, with their Small Business Awards, the recognize the best the community of small business has to offer, around the world.

We can’t think of a better way to close a year as complicated as 2020 has been, with a prize for a job done well.  Zorionak!!

We’ll leave you with the journal that includes the list of all winners.  On pages 20 and 21, it also includes the reasons why they chose Bizkaia Talent over everyone else.

Small Business Awards 2020

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