The City Nation Place World Congress, held on November 12, was the largest international event for Place branding ever organized in the world.

Over 350 senior officials from all over the world took part in making decisions in areas such as Place branding, tourism marketing, investment promotion, and talent attraction.  This first event was held in London, online, and it is the culmination of what were four regional conferences: Latin America, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the Global Conferences.

Bizkaia Talent participated as a case study in the session dedicated to talen, alongside Invest Stockholm, the official investment body for the Swedish capital and a model of talent management, and Campus Philly, an organization charged with bringing university students to Philadelphia.  At this meeting, the representatives of the three institutions debated the changing dynamics of the current world talent market.

Iván Jiménez, the managing director of Bizkaia Talent, shared the innovative model of the Basque association’s “Be Basque” inclusive strategy whose goal is constant innovation and the strengthening of technological tools with the aim of attracting, maintaining, and connecting talent through multiagent cooperation.

With this event, Bizkaia Talent continues on with a process in which their work over the past many years is coming in for broad international recognition, be it the prize won at the Place Marketing Awards, granted by the Place Marketing Forum; or the invitation they received to participate at the 4th annual CITIES FORUM held in Porto as a case study; or for their participation in the creation of the The European Talent Mobility Forum.

It’s not easy for an organization from a small country to become a role model, especially when we’re speaking about a field where competition is fierce and there are many, many organizations that have been working hard and effectively in an area that is key for international reach and prestige.

If we want to be “somebody”, we have to have our own brand and image.  This is even more true when considering the environment we find ourselves in, surrounded by “black holes” that are willing to seize anything good within their reach.  Our country must be a “communiqué” that is presented as a “city-country” (Euskal hiria) that is capable of offering a great deal of things to attract talent and investment.  This includes our highly educated workforce and our warm, friendly people who can help create a high quality social structure.  And of course, there’s also our universities, good infrastructure, research centers, excellent technological capabilities, communications hubs, and our strategic location that can allow us to be at the center of Europe and connect us with the New World.  This latter point is especially true now that technological companies are laying intercontinental undersea cables here.

That’s why initiatives like Bizkaia Talent and Gipuzkoa Talent are so important, as they allow us to strengthen, extend, and coordinate so that we can be competitive in this sensitive and strategic field.

City Nation Place – 11/2020 – Great Britain

Place brand strategies for a more resilient future

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges – for governments, for business, and for people. As the world moves, falteringly, from crisis to recovery mode, place brand and marketing leadership teams has been challenged to deliver strategies for rebuilding place economies that are more resilient, and more sustainable. The City Nation Place Congress provided an opportunity to come together online to explore actionable ideas and be inspired by success stories.

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City Nation Place Conference – 11/2020 – Great Britain

Understanding the changing dynamics for the global talent market

What will be the impact of COVID-19 on people’s willingness to study and work in new countries and cities? Deborah Diamond, Campus Philly, Ivan Jiminez, Bizkaia Talent, and Patrick Walsh, Invest Stockholm, explore what the new selling points and emerging opportunities for places to attract talent.

Video del encuentro

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