There is an ever greater number of British people who are worried about the consequences the country’s leaving the European Union is causing for Great Britain in terms of economy, society, and international influence.

It’s not only the Scots, who feel betrayed because they were told that if they voted for independence from the UK, they would be forced out the EU, and now, their vote to stay in the UK has been all for nothing, because soon after losing their opportunity, England dragged them out of the EU anyway.  They feel they’ve been “left outside”, and it’s negatively affecting them, in a very generalized way.  And it’s being reinforced by problems with customs, or supply chain problems for certain products.

But it’s also being felt in the employment sector.  On the one hand, there are the problems the more restrictive immigration policies are creating.  On the other, many EU workers who have been living in the United Kingdom for years no longer feel that their long-term stay in the country is guaranteed, and they are looking for work in the European Union.

This is a serious problem for the country’s economic development, and it gets only worse when discussing skilled, qualified workers.  This year of Brexit, a large number of these highly-skilled workers have left the UK, and more and more are seriously considering it.

It was exactly this topic that the British news network Sky News discussed a few days ago, on January 3rd, live with Iván Jiménez, the Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent, about whom we’ve spoken on many occasions.  The interview focused on a general analysis of the situation, and then focused on the tax benefits the provincial tax agencies offer for highly-skilled who decide to move to the Basque Autonomous Community.

We’ll leave you with the clip of the interview with subtitles in English and Spanish: you can choose in the video options.

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