The website of the US sports news channel ESPN has just published an amazing article by  Bruce Schoenfeld about Real Sociedad de San Sebastián.  We’re adding this to the long list of articles we already have here on the blog.

The article, published in English and Spanish (find the links below to the US and Argentine versions), analyzes the history of this Basque soccer team, its evolution, and its connections with the city where it was born and where passion for the team runs high.

But it also covers the philosophy that guides the Basques, the spirit that can be felt in the city and in Real Sociedad, and, of course, the amazing gastronomic power that so permeates Basque society as to make it a world leader, which can be acutely felt in the restaurants in San Sebastian.

It’s clear the author was deeply impressed by the team, the city, and the ambiance its residents give to its streets and its soccer stadium.  We’re sure he’s not only gotten his readers to understand this Basque team better, but no doubt inspired them to want to come and see it for themselves.

By the way, stop exaggerating: it doesn’t rain that much!

ESPN – 18/1/2022 – USA

Real Sociedad’s secret to LaLiga contention? Basque pride, soccer passion and a taste for life

It’s raining in San Sebastian. It’s nearly always raining here, or has just stopped raining, or is about to rain. Set around a curl of beach on Spain’s northern coast, the compact city of elegant promenades is one of Europe’s loveliest settings and has some of the world’s finest restaurants. But nobody goes there for the weather.

(USA website in English)
(Argentine website in Spanish)

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