We’ve written a lot about txakoli and its amazing stature worldwide.  But we have to admit we never thought we’d ever be writing about this topic.

In early January,  we were surprised to hear that the committee that regulates the Official Denomination of Arabako Txakolina had requested authorization to sell the wine in cans.  The point of this was to market it in a format different to the traditional glass bottle as a way of finding an entry point in to the US market.

It would seem the other two committees that regulate txakoli, those of Biscay and Gipuzkoa, are not up for following them, nor do they believe it to be a good idea.  Though they respect their Alavan counterparts’ decision, they believe that using bottles allows them to imbue the product they’ve worked for year on with an image of quality, and feel that in a market such as the US, the arrival of “canned txakoli” would lower that image of quality.  For those in Alava, however, this doesn’t have to be the case, and it could be an excellent opportunity to expand the market.

And now this report has made it to the website of TAZ, the Berliner daily, in an article by correspondent Reiner Wandler, discussing the debate that’s come up around this decision.

We’re not sure if this packaging will help or hurt txakoli, either from the point of view of the quality with which the product reaches the consumer, or from the point of view of the image of quality transmitted by using cans to sell Basque wine.  But we must admit that we find it hard to imagine ourselves drinking txakoli from a can.  Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting used to it, but honestly, we find it hard.  In the end, however, the consumer will have the final say.

This is not a project though; it is a reality, and cans of Xarmant txakoli can now be purchased off the Dan DM beverage website.

TAZ- 18/1/2022 – Germany

Neuer Behälter entzweit Winzer

Wein in Dosen? In Australien, den USA, Kanada und auch in Russland ist das nichts Neues. Aber im Baskenland? Der iberischen Wiege des gepflegten Tröpfchens schlechthin? In der Provinz Araba rund um die baskische Hauptstadt Vitoria/Gasteiz haben Winzer damit begonnen, den Txakoli, den über die baskischen Grenzen hinaus bekannten jungen, leicht spritzigen Weißwein, in 25-Zentiliter-Dosen abzufüllen.

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