The Portuguese edition of the Triatlón Noticias website is reminding us in an article published this week that Bilbao will be the headquarters for the European Multisport Championships will be Bilbao Bizkaia in 2022.

September 17–24, this Basque territory will receive more than 3,000 athletes from the whole continent.  Up for grabs are the championship titles for Aquathlon, Duathlon, Cross Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquabike, and Middle-Distance Triathlon, to be played out in Bilbao, the Encartaciones, the Urdabai reserve, and Getxo/Portugalete.

We used “remind” earlier because in February of last year, the news was already announced that these 6 European championships would be held in Biscay, both in the Elite catetory as well as by age groups.  What’s more, naturally, paratriathletes will also be taking part.

Triatlón Noticias – 24/1/2022 – Portugal

Bilbao Bizkaia será o epicentro mundial do triatlo em 2022

El Campeonato Europeu de Multi-Esportes Bilbao Bizkaia 2022 reunirá milhares de atletas de todo o continente entre os dias 17 e 24 de setembro, concentrando também as atenções do Triatlo Mundial nas cinco instalações da Biscaia onde as competições serão realizadas.

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Triatlón Noticias – 4/2/2021 – Portugal

Bilbao Bizkaia sediará o Campeonato Europeu de Triatlo Multiesportivo em 2022

Bilbao Bizkaia sediará a celebração de Campeonato Europeu de Multi-Esportes na temporada de 2022. Este ano ele será o organizador do  Campeonato Espanhol de Triatlo de Média Distância em 2021, como preâmbulo às competições internacionais de 2022.

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