Two weeks ago, we brought you a report from the INFOBAE website, which we’ve mentioned on other occasions, as it is the largest digital news outlet in Argentina and a media reference throughout Latin America.  Then, they were telling us about the Santimamiñe Caves.  Today, they’re bringing us the Entzia mountains, specifically the labyrinth at Arno, the arch at Zalamportillo, and the beech forest.

Just as before, the article was written by Daniel Borrego and, as we said, it takes us through the Entzia mountains natural park, located at the eastern edge of Araba, just across the border from the Urbasa range natural park in Navarre.

As they explain on the Basque Tourism website, “The labyrinth of Arno is a magical place, a karstic landscape which has been molded by wind and water to give rise to one of the most impressive natural places in Araba and the whole of the Basque Country.  It is a place of great natural wealth, which we recommend to every visitor to Araba.  Located in the Entzia Range, near Opakua Pass, this labyrinth invites us to take a family hike to discover the famous Arch of Zalamportillo.”

Araba is a Basque territory that is full of incredible places that oftentimes go far beyond the Rioja Alavesa wine region that most visitors here focus on.  To understand what we mean, all you have to do is visit one of the places proposed by the tourism section of the Llanada Alavesa website, which is one of the areas or cuadrillas that this Basque territory is divided into.

This place is a must-see for both those who come to visit and for those who already live here but who too often travel far away while missing out on the treasures we have right here at our doorstep.

INFOBAE -26/10/2023 – Argentina

Una de las rutas más bonitas del País Vasco: un laberinto y una puerta encantada en un impresionante hayedo

Ya nos encontramos en pleno otoño y las hojas, con un tono marrón y anaranjado, comienzan a teñir las calles y a vestir los bosques del manto típico en estas fechas. Las montañas y valles presentan un aspecto precioso que hace que muchos viajeros se acerquen a disfrutar de la belleza de los paisajes. Así, emergen numerosas rutas de senderismo que recorren estos parajes de ensueño, brindando una experiencia rural única.

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