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The Port of Bilbao and the St. Lawrence Seaway sign an...

Canal Welland parte de St. Lawrence Seaway
On May 16, the Port Authority of Bilbao anda  delegation from the Ports of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway signed a...

Indiana to move the two-century-old cabin of a descendant of the...

Construida en 1820, se cree que la cabaña Pierre Navarre en Leeper Park es la estructura y residencia más antigua del condado de St. Joseph (ORDAN SMITH, SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE)
The Navarre cabin, in St. Joseph Country, is 200 years old, and was built by a descendant of the King of Navarre, is to be moved

Are Basque traditions disappearing in San Francisco?

El antiguo cartel del Basque Hotel todavía cuelga afuera del número 15 Romolo, un vestigio de las influencias vascas de la zona. Frederic Larson / The Chronicle
The closure of the last Basque restaurant in San Francisco, Piperade, serves for the 'Chronicle' as a reason to look at the past and presence of this Basque community

Ten years and two months since the passing of Pete Cenarrusa,...

We remember and pay tribute to Pete Cenarrusa, the Basque who became the Secretary of State of Idaho and who fought tirelessly for the Basque Country

Agreement between the port authorities in Bilbao and Uruguay: strengthening history

Firma entre la autoridad portuaria de Bilbao y de Urugay
Agreement between the port authorities in Bilbao and Uruguay: strengthening the historical influence of the Basque port in Latin America

A mural of Basque sheepherders in Arizona, a state with a...

Mural de Joel Geist sobre los pastores vascos en Flagstaff (Arizona). Fotografía: Adrian Skabelund
Flagstaff, Arizona has inaugurated a mural to honor the Basque sheepherders, in a state whose name is of Basque origin

Day of the Diaspora 2023: a celebration of the Basques in...

Juntas Generales de Bizkaia y Arbol de Gernika. Símbolo de las libertades Vascas
The Day of the Diaspora: a celebration of the Basques held in Guernica and in every corner of the world, to honor or forebears and our present

100th anniversary of the birth of Francisco “Paco” Igartua, a Basque-Peruvian

Francisco «Paco» Igartua
Francisco Igartua, a leader in Peruvian journalism and a member of the Basque diaspora who was committed to his homeland, was born on September 5, 1923

A story about Basque dairy men in Argentina: La Vascongada

Imagen de un anuncio de Vascolet uno de los productos estrella de «La Vascongada»
The story of La Vascongada, a dairy company founded by Basques in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century, which is part of the cultural landscape of Argentina

How did a piece of the Basque Country end up in...

Grupo de Dantza en Boise
Journalist Rachel Roberts has recently published an article in the Idaho Statesman (which we've often cited on the blog) sharing the keys both to the important presence...