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Ireland is eyeing the port of Bilbao as one of its...

More ships are run in early 2021 between Rosslare, Cherbourg and Bilbao Euronews
Euronews describes the sitution Irish imports and exports are going through with the new reality of Brexist, choosing Bilbao as one of their new direct mainland connections

Increasing sea traffic between Bilbao and the ports of Western Africa

Un buque de NYK una de las dos compañías, junto con Licvem, que ofrecen esa nueva conexión marítima Africa Occidental -Bilbao
  This article was translated by John R. Bopp The website CommodAfrica is specialized in topics related to agriculture in Western Africa.  They cover a broad array...

Bilbao and Portsmouth connected by a “Motorway of the Sea”

El ferry Baie de Seines incorpora a la Línea Bilbao-Portsmouth que ofrece así tres conexiones semanales
This article was tranlated by Iustrans   The Portuguese website Transportes e Negocios informs its readers about the addition of a new ship, the Baie de...