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The website CommodAfrica is specialized in topics related to agriculture in Western Africa.  They cover a broad array of topics, from economics to politics, society to infrastructure; so, not just agricultural topics, but which have an important effect on agriculture and its development.

One of those related sectors is exports and the channels that unite this part of Africa with the economic and consumption centers in the rest of the world.

In an article published on their site today, CommodAfrica has reported on the ever greater number of shipping companies connecting West Africa with Europe.

The analysis included in the report comes from the decision by the Danish company Licvem Shippin & Trading APS and the Japanese NYK Bulk & Project Carriers, Ltd, to set up a service that unites several African ports with the Port of Bilbao, a monthly service that allows for the transport of heavy cargo, conventional cargo, and RoRo (cars, trucks, and trailers).

These companies’ decision to use the Port of Bilbao as the port of entry to Europe groups them together with the German Bremen Oversease Chartering and Shipping (BOCS), who also connects this part of Africa with Bilbao, using the Basque port as its base of operations in Spain.

The report we’re discussing points out:

The increasingly large role Bilbao plays in the traffic between Western Europe and Africa.  Traditionally, this port has looked towards northern Europe (37% of its 2015 traffic) and the US (9%).  However, in 2015, traffic to Western Africa doubled (+108%), which represents 10% of the total (3.2 million tons)

CommodAfrica – 22/12/2016 – Africa Occidental

Les compagnies maritimes continuent à parier sur le commerce Espagne-Afrique de l’Ouest

Combalia Noatum Shipping Agency vient d’annoncer la “consolidation” d’un service direct mensuel entre Bilbao, principal port du nord de l’Espagne, et la côte de l’Afrique de l’ouest. Les escales prévues sont les suivantes : Dakar, Takoradi et Conakry. La société précise, cependant, que d’autres escales sont possibles en fonction des flux.

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A ship owned by NYK, one of the two companies, along with Licvem, to offer a new sea connection between Western Africa and Bilbao
A ship owned by NYK, one of the two companies, along with Licvem, to offer a new sea connection between Western Africa and Bilbao


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