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Basque cider is to have the first cross-border designation of origin...

Euskal Sagardoa/Sidra del País Vasco, Cidre du País Basque/Euskal Sagarnoa. denominación transfronteriza
Basque cider is to have the first cross-border designation of origin in Europe and will incorporate all Basque territories

What do Basque carnivals sound like? A European project shows...

Carnavales de Auritz/Burgete -Tramontana-Audiolab
The Tramontana network collects the intangible cultural heritage of Europe. Part of the network is the Basque group Audiolab, which has collected the sounds of carnivals

An ikurriña in Wales

Ikurriña en Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth geograph-6266244-by-Des-Blenkinsopp
Along the north promenade in Aberystwyth, in Wales, we can find the flags of many stateless nations in Europe, including the ikurriña

2022 Day of Europe: The future is in your (our) hands

Declaracion Schuman, 9 de mayo de 1950
In a year as special as this, 2022, we share our thoughts for the first time about the Day of Europe

On the anniversary of the Spanish Federal Council of the European...

Sede de la Delegación del Gobierno vasco en París, el día de su liberación por los aliados.
On the anniversary of the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement. The Spanish Government has still not returned the headquarters of the Basque Government in Paris

Basque Culinary Center awarded by Europe for having the best initiative...

Proyección del anuncio del BCC como ganador ganador en la  EEPA 2021
The Basque Culinary Center's Culinary Action! has been given an award by the European Commission as the best initiative to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe

The Basques building a united Europe: a “Basque Chronicle” by Iñaki...

Foto del congreso de fundación de la Democracia Cristiana italiana 1946 (con representantes vascos)
In this op-ed, Iñaki Anasagasti recounts the role Basque nationalism played in building a united Europe

The Delegation of the Basque Government in Paris. 1951-2021. 70 years...

Aguirre, en su despacho de la delegación del Gobierno vasco en París. A la derecha, Urkullu y Ortuzar frente a la sede.
Exactly 70 years ago, the French Government expropriated the building where the Basque Government had established its Delegation in Paris and gave it to the Francoists…and it's never been returned

Corsica and the Basque Autonomous Community have signed a memorandum of...

Firma del memorándum  de colaboración entre Corcega  y la CAPV
The President of Corsica and the Lehendakari have signed a memorandum of cooperation on European Affairs, Language Policy, and the Diaspora

Two Basque film makers included in the Berlinale Talents program

Las directoras Lur Olaizola Lizarralde y Zuri Goikoetxea
Lur Olaizola Lizarralde and Zuri Goikoetxea have been included in the Berlinale Talent program, a talent-development and networking scheme for the 2021 Berlinale