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The Basques building a united Europe: a “Basque Chronicle” by Iñaki...

Foto del congreso de fundación de la Democracia Cristiana italiana 1946 (con representantes vascos)
In this op-ed, Iñaki Anasagasti recounts the role Basque nationalism played in building a united Europe

The Delegation of the Basque Government in Paris. 1951-2021. 70 years...

Aguirre, en su despacho de la delegación del Gobierno vasco en París. A la derecha, Urkullu y Ortuzar frente a la sede.
Exactly 70 years ago, the French Government expropriated the building where the Basque Government had established its Delegation in Paris and gave it to the Francoists…and it's never been returned

Corsica and the Basque Autonomous Community have signed a memorandum of...

Firma del memorándum  de colaboración entre Corcega  y la CAPV
The President of Corsica and the Lehendakari have signed a memorandum of cooperation on European Affairs, Language Policy, and the Diaspora

Two Basque film makers included in the Berlinale Talents program

Las directoras Lur Olaizola Lizarralde y Zuri Goikoetxea
Lur Olaizola Lizarralde and Zuri Goikoetxea have been included in the Berlinale Talent program, a talent-development and networking scheme for the 2021 Berlinale

Data to know “our place in the world” (or at least...

Union Europea Human resources in science and technology, 2018
Eurostat offers us magnificent tools to know where we as a Euro-region are within the European Union thanks to easy-to-understand data

László Pesty introduces the “Sign It Europe” citizen initiative, to make...

László Pesty
László Pesty, head of the Sign It Europe initiative campaign, explains its goals, tells us of its success, and asks us to make its success even more resounding with our signatures

A Basque network to promote “Industry 4.0” is a finalist at...

DIH Champions Challenge 2020
A Basque network to promote "Industry 4.0" is a finalist at the DIHNET.EU Innovation Hub Network Challenge

Sign to have the EU back the equality of its regions...

Mapa de la Europa de los Pueblos
Sign the petition to support a Europe-wide initiative to ask the EU to guarantee the survival of its minority nations

Ireland is eyeing the port of Bilbao as one of its...

More ships are run in early 2021 between Rosslare, Cherbourg and Bilbao Euronews
Euronews describes the sitution Irish imports and exports are going through with the new reality of Brexist, choosing Bilbao as one of their new direct mainland connections

For the Irish, the closest DNA match is with the Basques

Artist's depiction of Celts. PICASA 3.0
The US-based online publication Irish Central, dedicated to the Irish all over the world, has brought back an article on the Basque roots of...