Many of us here in the Basque Country have probably already seen one of the videos of Berritxu, the Real Sociedad parrot who has become a star on social media.

And we are not at all surprised, as his videos, or rather his behavior in these videos, goes far beyond just “parroting” ideas in the way these animals, and people who unthinkingly repeat others’ ideas, is usually defined as.

Berritxu Nosellas, which is this red-tailed gray parrot’s name, lives in San Sebastian, sings, talks, and interacts with his surroundings in a most fascinating way.  It seems as if he knows what to say depending on what’s going on around him.  This species of parrot is said to be highly intelligent, and given what we’re seeing here, Berritxu is definitely pulling up the average.

The Argentine daily Clarín has published a new article by Gustavo Londeix which introduces this parrot.  They already did so five years ago in an article we brought you back then, and do so again as a summary.  The journalist was surprised by how the parrot “speaks Basque,” thus defining our particular way of intoning Spanish.  It’s also absolutely hilarious to hear him use “Hostia” as if he were an old Basque farmer or seaman, though he oftentimes seems to be apologetic, usually following the interjection up with a “Pardon.”

Honestly, we have no problem in bringing back news of this very funny parrot, because, really, in some of his videos, it seems as if he’s playing around with us.  And it seems everyone agrees, as he’s got more than 125,000 followers on Facebook, and each one of his videos gets thousands of likes.

As we did back in 2017, we’ll leave you with the Clarín article, the YouTube channel, and the Facebook channel, where you can follow all this football fanatic bird’s adventures.

Clarín – 7/5/2023 – Argentina

Berritxu, el loro que habla vasco y arrasa en las redes

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Youtube parge of Berritxu Nosellas
Facebook page of Berritxu Nosellas

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