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You know, it never ceases to amaze us to see all the videos of this parrot from San Sebastian, talking and singing (quite well).  He’s become an internet phenomenon on social media, and has more than 20,000 followers on Facebook.

The publication “Muy”, part of Argentine newspaper Clarin, just printed a large article about him, written by Gustavo Londeix, talking about his feats, how he learned, and some features of the species, in addition to sharing some of his very funny videos.

He’s not just a bird with a magnificent memory; he also has excellent pronunciation, and sings really well!  We can even hear him singing the anthem of the Real Sociedad football team.

We’ll leave you with Berritxu’s version of the anthem, the information published by Clarin, and the Facebook and YouTube links to the parrot from San Sebastian.

Muy Clarín – 16/2/2017 – Argentina

Berritxu, el loro con acento vasco que arrasa en la red

¿Usted está cansado/a de ver tantos mediocres en televisión que dicen que son artistas? ¿Está hastiado de ver peleas berretas y discusiones sin temas de estos mismos pseudos artistas? ¿Está inflado de escuchar a cualquier cuatro de copas que cree que Al Pacino, Robert De Niro o Susan Sarandon están a su altura? Bueno, por un instante olvídese de eso. Va a conocer un artista que es mucho más que esos que se la creen.

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Youtube of Berritxu Nosellas

Facebook of Berritxu Nosellas






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