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The Philippine Daily Inquirer has published an article penned by Mickey Fenix covering an interview with Guipuzkoan chef Pedro Subijana during his visit to Manila to celebrate Madrid Fusion Manila.

It’s interesting to remember this, because there’s an obsession in certain forums to refer to Basque cuisine as part of Spanish cuisine, leading to such curious situations as reading that Basque chef Iñaki Aizpitarte at the Le Chateaubriand in Paris specializes in Spanish cuisine!

Basque cuisine need not be subordinate to anything.  It’s a cuisine in its own right, and one of the most prestigious in the world right now thanks to a rich popular culinary tradition and Basque chefs who’ve been able to take those recipes from the home hearths and tiny local eateries to world-class restaurants everywhere.

Inquirer – 16/2/2017 – Filipinas

Why there is no ‘Spanish cuisine,’ only regional Spanish cooking

Pedro Subijana’s smiling face behind the handlebar moustache greeted us as we sat to interview him. He was one of the senior Basque chefs present at the Assisa Madrid Fusion 2017, but he was there not to give a talk but to listen to those who were presenting.

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