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Already well known for its excellent taste, travel (and much more) website TripAdvisor also does their “The Best” lists.  In fact, we’ve already blogged about some of them, which are tabulated based on the website’s users’ votes.

On this occasion, we’re blogging about another list, regarding the best beaches in the world: “Travelers’ Choice Playas 2019 awards”.

We blogged about this back in 2016 to highlight that the best regarded beach of the Basque Country was also called “The best in Europe” and the sixth best in the world.

Today, we’re doing so to point out that La Concha, that spectacular urban beach in San Sebastian, has maintained its leadership in Europe, and has also risen two places on the global ranking, to be called the “fourth best beach in the world”.

It’s interesting to see how the Basque beach is “tucked in” between a bunch of tropical beaches that could be called “paradise”.  This really shows how much the users of the website value La Concha.  On a personal note, we have to admit that the #1 beach, Baia do Sancho in the Fernando de Noronha islands in Brazil, is something we’ve been obsessing about for years.

Zorionak to the people of San Sebastian, and to all Basques, on both sides of the Pyrenees.  We’re sure that in all the towns along our coastline, opinions vary.  But it’s clear that San Sebastian has been the “crown jewel” of the Basque coast for many years, undoubtedly alongside Biarritz.

It goes without saying that this list has appeared in media all over the world, and our little piece of paradise in San Sebastian has been specifically cited in almost all of them.

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