For those of you who’ve been following us a while, especially those of you who, like us, are fans of Game of Thrones will remember how back in November of 2017, we mentioned this group because they’d recorded an amazing video playing in several different Navarrese castles which had been featured in the show.  At the time, we were impressed with the quality of the work and the beauty of the filming locations.

Today we’re bringing them back, because this new project born in Navarre joins together musicians from all the Basque territories in order to surprise us again.  It turns out they’re offering us a video that contains a triple vision of a song from their show “Raíces” (Roots).

And this business about a “triple version” is real.  As soon as you click on the video (or tap, if you’re on mobile), the scene changes.  You can choose between images in different places in Lesaka and Urbasa, or watch them playing on a stage, just as if we were at a concert, or even from home, which is quite appropriate for these strange times.

We recommend you listen to it with the volume turned up.  Listening to this ezpatadantza while watching them play in nature makes us feel even more that the traditional of our country is literally that: the music that is born of it.

Today, we started the day by sharing some beautiful stories written in Tudela, in the south of Navarre, and now we’re ending it with this video dreamed up and filmed in northern Lower Navarre, which touches the heart of all Basques.

We’ll leave you with the link to this multimedia video and to the website of the group, Suakai.

The musicians are:

Claudia Osés (violin)
Iván Carmona (Navarrese bagpipes and violincello)
Egoitz Zabalegui (alboka)
Aitor Urquiza (txistu and psaltery)
Iñaki Dieguez (accordeon)
Oreka TX (txalaparta)
Igor Arostegui (percussion)


To watch the interactive video, click on the image or the link

Suakai ezpatadantza - video interactivo
Suakai ezpatadantza – interactive video

Link to the interactive video

Suakai website: aquí

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